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September 2, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I thought long and hard about what to say in my first blog. I have kind of always wanted to start a blog, even before I started my business, but I guess I was a little intimidated by them. They can be time consuming…especially when you over complicate things like I tend to do. I always want everything to be perfect (layout, theme, posts, etc.) and things don’t always play out “perfectly” (mainly because there are SO many options out there…I didn’t know where to begin). I was also intimidated by the blogging world because I don’t know if anything I have to say is really worthy of being “published.” I used to write in my school days. Some people (other than my mother…) said I was pretty good. Of course that was just poetry from the mind of a teenage girl, or a from a young woman who just had her heart broken (I was typically more inspired to write when I felt sad…it was a bit of an outlet for me). BUT…Back to this blog…

I am very excited to have finally launched my blog. A huge thank you to Michelle of Meesh Designs & Photography for doing an amazing job on this site as well as my main website. I will do my best to stay consistent with my updates. I will of course post about my baby girl, because I am a mom and I just can’t help it (and I know there are relatives who will only be interested in those posts). Most importantly, I will share images of the many wonderful clients I am so fortunate to photograph. AND…the resolution here will be much better than what you will see on my Facebook page. I will have announcements, promos, updates…the possibilities are endless (well pretty much)!

So thank YOU for visiting my blog, keep checking back to see more of my wedding and portrait work.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!


~Regina Marie


Here she is…my greatest joy and accomplishment in life, at 9 months old.


  1. Heather says:

    Congrats on the launch of your blog, Gina. I look forward to your future posts.

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